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Altiro Studio was formed as a platform for creative projects by Alfonso Nieto and Claudia Sandoval. The studio is driven by self-motivated art and experimentation to expand their capabilities, expertise and interests. They believe that everyday is an opportunity to create something delightful, to get inspired and inspire others with simple beauty, functionality and joy.

A Multidisciplinary studio


We work as a consulting partner on projects in the fields of graphic, video/photography, product, exhibit, furniture, retail, interior and textile design. Our background in fine art, sculpture, production, event design, illustration and branding development, allow us to create a unique space for collaboration with our clients and partners.

Altiro Studio also develops its own line of products, all designed and crafted in Brooklyn, New York.


In our continue search for excellence on our design and production process we aim to collaborate with designers, artists, creative minds and entrepreneurs to bring to life exciting and unique projects.

Currently we collaborate with
Society 6Spoonflower and Print All Over Me.


Creative partnerships usually begin in very organic ways. If you feel that our work relates to you, style and skill sets are complementary to yours, together we can be into something very interesting.

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Creative direction
Graphic design
Surface design
Design & planning
Molding and casting
Silkscreen printing
Product development

The partners also can be found traveling, taking photos and eating delicious food at

Mondo Dinner 

and developing memorable brands at